Sweet Summertime

Hey there!

I don't know about you, but I am loving all of the beautiful produce this summer! Lately, I've been inspired to make some wonderful things after a quick visit to the Farmer's Market or my local Whole Foods.  Just this morning I picked up some watermelon radishes and carrots to make into a pickled topping for some Bahn Mi sandwiches! 

Vanilla Bean Mascarpone Tart with Fresh Mango  🍴

Vanilla Bean Mascarpone Tart with Fresh Mango🍴

A few other favorites I've made the last couple weeks include this Fresh Mango Tart, Wild Sockeye Salmon with a Browned Butter Honey Garlic Sauce and Plum Galettes using fresh plums from my neighbors tree! 

What are some of your favorite summertime treats?