Hannah grew up in Montana with a love for people and a drive to make a positive difference in the world around her. One of her earliest memories in the kitchen is sitting and chatting with her mom as she prepared meals for the week for Hannah and her siblings. Sunday night family dinners were a way for everyone to connect and share about their lives over a delicious meal.  

After graduating high school, Hannah moved to California and fell in love with Monterey, the abundance of coastal food options and of course, her husband, Ian.  Her curiosity and passion for other cultures and people led her to school in Santa Barbara where she studied Anthropology. While in college at UCSB, Hannah often found herself baking or cooking in her free time as a way to decompress from busy school days. 

Upon graduating college and taking time to consider her options and what she wanted for her future, she decided to follow a longtime dream and attend culinary school.  She attended Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland and fell even more in love with cooking and food.  Living in both Santa Barbara and Portland made her realize that Monterey truly is home and where she wanted to settle. Upon graduating culinary school, she moved back to the beautiful Monterey Bay to begin her career working in the kitchen and playing with food and flavors.  Chef Hannah loves people, culture, food and cares about fresh, nutritious ingredients when she cooks.  She wants to change the world by helping families to come together over a great meal and help to show them that eating well is easier than you think.